ash is a shell

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ash is a shll.

ash is a device control environment that makes ash installed devices able to control each other.

ash can be installed on any devices like Android / PC and control other devices ash installed using various user interfaces(CLI, GUI, or something else).

If your PCs and Android devices has installed ash for them, You can control them with one of them.

ash defines a simple language based on ash's simple syntax. You can command ash to control other devices with that language from prompt.

Or, You can use convenient GUI control applications using ash. It's just an user interface.

Anybody can make their interface for ash conveniently. Or, You can make application based on ash's language, too. Just use ash as device control facility.

ashdi and AshFa's PC control feature is one good example for ash interface layer application.

Anybody can implement ash using any language, any platform, if and only if they support ash language syntax and basic operations properly. This ash implementation is for linux. You can get an ash for Android(AshFa) from Here.

AshFa just works, but, not complete as an ash. AshFa is just an example. You can make your ash for Android and publish it anywhere.

Demo video



GPL v3. Anyone can use code of Ash everywhere. But, should follow limitation of GPL v3.(

System requirements

Just works on Ubuntu 12.04 with JRE and Android SDK tools.

May works well with little effort on other platforms. But, no guarantee.

How to use

You should install JRE and Android SDK tools. Android SDK tools directory path should be exist in your PATH.

If you are expert,

$ ./

If you have Galaxy Nexus and want to control it from PC, install AshFa to your Galaxy Nexus and start it. then,

$ ./ init_di_maguro.ash


2.0 is still not stable. But, better than 1.0


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