lkml livestream

I wrote a simple, stupid program[1] that showing LKML[2] mails in terminal briefly like twitter livestream in Go language. It is just an early version and so many things to be complemented exists, though. Nevertheless, now it just works as I wanted at first. 쏟아지는 LKML[2] 의 메일들을 트위터 라이브스트림처럼 터미널에 보여주는 간단한 프로그램[1] 을 go 언어로 만들어 봤습니다. 아직 보완할 점 투성이지만 이제 최초의 목적대로는 동작하는군요. References [1] https://github. [Read More]

GCMA: Guaranteed Contiguous Memory Allocator

GCMA (Guaranteed Contiguous Memory Allocator) is a contiguous memory allocator for Linux kernel that guarantees fast latency, success of allocation, and reasonable system memory utilization. Our evaluation on Raspberry Pi 2 shows 15 to 130 times faster and more predictable allocation latency without system performance degradation compared to Linux v3.18 default CMA. The project has been introduced by Linux Foundation Korea Forum 2014[1] and Embedded Operating Systems Workshop 2015[2]. A paper about the project has been published by proceeding of Embedded Operating Systems Workshop 2015 and 45th issue of ACM SIGBED Review. [Read More]