The Paper about GCMA Accepted to TC

A paper about GCMA project has accepted to a top-level computer science journal, Transactions on Computers[1]. It will be published soon. [1] https://www.computer.org/web/tc

GCMA: Guaranteed Contiguous Memory Allocator

The importance of physically contiguous memory has increased in modern computing environments, including both low- and high-end systems. Existing physically contiguous memory allocators generally have critical limitations. For example, the most commonly adopted solution, the memory reservation technique, wastes a significant amount of memory space. Scatter/Gather direct memory access (DMA) and input-output memory management units (IOMMUs) avoid this problem by utilizing additional hardware for address space virtualization. However, additional hardware means an increase in costs and power consumption, which is especially disadvantageous for small systems and they do not provide real contiguous memory.