LKML News v6.11-rc1

[PATCH 00/17] mm: introduce numa_memblks (Mike Rapoport) Mike Rapoport posted thi spatchset for moving numa_memblks from x86 to the generic code, as a followup of the discussion for CXL memory windows handling on arm64. [RFC PATCHv2] mm: introduce reclaim throttle in MGLRU (Zhaoyang Huang) Zhaoyang sent a patch that makes direct reclaim of MGLRU be throttled by judging the number of isolated and inactive folios, to prevent issues similar to classic LRU.

Creating DAMON logo using DAMON

I just made a DAMON logo using DAMON, like below. $ git clone && cd masim $ cat damon_pixel_2 11111111 11 11 111111 11111111 11 11 11111111 11111111 1111 11111111 11111111 11 11 11111111 11111111 1111 11111111 $ ./ ./damon_pixel_2 $((100*1024*1024)) 300 damon.cfg $ sudo damo record "./masim ./configs/stairs.cfg" $ sudo damo report heatmap --output damon.png The output is below: The cropped one:

LKML News v6.10

[RFC][PATCH 0/4] slab: Allow for type introspection during allocation (Kees Cook) Kees posted this RFC patch, which allows kmalloc() be able to know the type of the object that it is requested to allocate memory for. It is done by letting kmalloc() optionally receives the pointer instead of the size. [Invitation] Linux MM Alignment Session on guest_memfd() mapping, hugepages, and page pinning on Wednesday David invites MM community to another instance of the MM alignment.

LKML News v6.10-rc7

[RFC PATCH 0/4] Introduce PMC(PER-MEMCG-CACHE) (Huan Yang) Huan posted an RFC for per-memcg-cache, which is for utilizing per-memcg cache of certain rules. The goal is allowing memory that released by an application be allocated with high priority within the application, to improve locality and performance while avoiding unnecessary memory reclamation. [PATCH] mm: remove CONFIG_MEMCG_KMEM (Johannes Weiner) Since CONFIG_MEMCG_KMEM was default-enabled and equivalent to CONFIG_MEMCG for almost a decade, Johannes tries to remove the config option.

LKML News v6.10-rc6

[PATCH] memcg: Add a new sysctl parameter for automatically setting memory.high (Waiman Long) While memcg v1 has only single file for memory limit setting, namely memory.limit_in_bytes, memcg v2 has two files, memory.max and memory.high for the purpose. Users migrating from memcg v1 to memcg v2 usually sets only memory.max, and hence get problems sometimes. This patch add a new knob, memory_high_autoset_ratio, which allows setting memory.high as a ratio of memory.

LKML News v6.10-rc5

[GIT PULL] hotfixes for 6.10-rc5 (Andrew Morton) Andrew posted hotfixes pull request to Linus Torvalds. [PATCH] Add accumulated call counter for memory allocation profiling (David Wang) David sent a patch for adding accumulated call counter for memory allocation profiling. He argues this could help performance behaviors analysis. [RFC PATCH v1 0/5] Alternative mTHP swap allocator improvements (Ryan Roberts) Ryan posted this proof-of-concept patchset for achieving 0% fallback at mTHP swap.

I will have a talk at the Open Source Summit Euroe 2024

DAMON talk for OSSummit EU 2024 has accepted and scheduled. The talk will focus on use cases of DAMON for saving memory including those for real world products. The title of the talk is “DAMON Recipes: Ways to Save Memory Using a Linux Kernel Subsystem in the Real World”.

LKML News v6.10-rc4

[PATCH 0/7] arm64 / x86-64: low-level code generation issues (Linus Torvalds) Linus Torvalds posted another version of runtime const patchset for not only x86_64 but also arm64. He mentions the work was motivated by his Altra box that shows __d_lookup_rcu() like a horror. [PATCH v2 1/2] virt: pvmemcontrol: control guest physical memory properties (Yuanchu Xie) Yuanchu posted a patchset for letting guest control its physical memory properties, security features and optimizations.

LKML News v6.10-rc3

[PATCH v2 0/8] mm: workingset reporting (Yuanchu Xie) Yuanchu posted second version of the MGLRU-based workingset reporting patchset. [PATCH 0/2] mm/pstore: Reserve named unspecified memory across boots (Steven Rostedt) Steven posted a patch for reserving part of memory for pstore, which is currently being reserved via firmware, via a new kernel command line parameter, reserve_mem. [PATCH v4 00/11] riscv: Memory Hot(Un)Plug support (Björn Töpel) Björn posted the fourth version of the patchset for supporting memory hot-[un]plugging and ZONE_DEVICE support on RISC-V.

LKML News v6.10-rc2

[PATCH 0/3] mm: zswap: global shrinker fix and proactive shrink (Takero Funaki) This patchset fixes two zswap issues coming from global shrinker, and add proactive shrinking of zswap which starts when zswap is 95% full, for 90% accept threshold. [PATCH v7 0/4] Memory management patches needed by Rust Binder (Alice Ryhl) Alice sent the seventh revision for making memory management subsystem changes that needed by Rust Binder implementation.