Eurosys'20 will be held online

With the upload of the accepted papers list, EuroSys homepage also updated its notice about COVID-19 related notification. It previously tried to reschedule the offline meeting, however seems they changed mind and decided to do virtual (online) conference. It’s a bad news for authors and people who planned to participate the offline meetings, but a good new for other people, because they would be allowed to participate in the conference without fee.

RCX: Read-Copy Transact

Read-copy update (RCU) can provide ideal scalability for read-mostly workloads, but some believe that it provides only poor performance for updates. This belief is due to the lack of RCU-centric update synchronization mechanisms. RCU instead works with a range of update-side mechanisms, such as locking. In fact, many developers embrace simplicity by using global locking. Logging, hardware transactional memory, or fine-grained locking can provide better scalability, but each of these approaches has limitations, such as imposing overhead on readers or poor scalability on non-uniform memory access (NUMA) systems, mainly due to their lack of NUMA-aware design principles.