LKML News v5.11

[PATCH v2] mm: cma: support sysfs (Minchan Kim)

This patch introduces sysfs interface for CMA that shows stats including number of CMA allocation attempts and failures.

[PATCH v10 00/14] prohibit pinning pages in ZONE_MOVABLE (Pavel Tatashin)

The 10th version of the patchset making ZONE_MOVABLE really movable.

Linux 5.11 (Linus Torvalds)

Nothing strange happened last week, so Linus released v5.11 as expected. The number of changes from the rc7 to this release is actually even smaller than average.

Below is the diffstat of the releases in the last two years.

Kernel release stat

Note that the y-axis is in logarithm. I draw it using and using below command:

$ --since 2019-02-15 | ~/lazybox/gnuplot/ \
    --data_fmt table --type labeled-lines --xtics_rotate -90 \
    --font "Times New Roman, 5pt" --ylog --pointsize 0.3
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