LKML News v5.16-rc7

[PATCH v5 00/16] Optimize list lru memory consumption (Muchun Song)

Fifth version of the patchset for reducing lru memory consumption. This version fixes a sleep-in-atomic-context bug which is reported by the kernel test robot, applies some requests from Johannes, and collect Acked-by from Johannes.

[PATCH 0/2] Add a new scheme to support demotion on tiered memory system (Baolin Wang)

This patchset makes DAMOS supports demotion of memory regions.

mmotm 2021-12-22-19-02 uploaded (Andrew Morton)

mmotm based on v5.16-rc6 has updated. It adds 44 new patches, modifies 11 pre-existing patches, and drops one patch. In total, 339 patches are in the queue.

remove Xen tmem leftovers (Christoph Hellwig)

Cleancache and Frontswap were used for Xen tmem driver, but it has removed in 2019. However, some hooks are remaining in the source tree. This patchset removes cleancache and unused parts of frontswap.

[RFC] mm/migration: Add trace events for THP migrations (Anshuman Khandual)

This RFC patch adds two trace events, namely set_migration_pmd and remove_migration_pmd for tracing PMD-based THP migration without split.

incoming (Andrew Morton)

Andrew Morton sent 9 patches for fixes of several subsystems including DAMON to Linus.

Linux 5.16-rc7 (Linus Torvalds)

Seventh release candidate for v5.16 also looks pretty normal. Nevertheless, this could be due to the holidays season. Linus will extend the staging window at least one week, as he told before.

Below is the diffstat of the releases in the last two years.

Kernel release stat

Note that the y-axis is in logarithm. I draw it using and using below command:

$ --since 2019-12-27 | ~/lazybox/gnuplot/ \
    --data_fmt table --type labeled-lines --xtics_rotate -90 \
    --font "Times New Roman, 5pt" --ylog --pointsize 0.3

And, below is the diffstat of the -rc7 releases in the last two years.

rc2 release stat

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