LKML News v5.4-rc8

[PATCH 00/13] Finish off [smp_]read_barrier_depends()

The memory model element which is depends only on Alpha, smp_read_barrier_depends() is built into READ_ONCE(), so that you don’t have to worry about Alpha in non-alpha-specific kernel code. Nevertheless, the author of this patchset concerned about the continuing uploads of the code that cares it. This patchset removes the description of the feature from all documentation and comments in the kernel code.

[PATCH v4 00/10] Add Kernel Concurrency Sanitizer (KCSAN)

This is the Google’s KCSAN patch that catches concurrency bugs. This version is for x86 only, but will add ARM64 and POWER support soon. This fourth version has a 33% performance improvement over previous versions.

Linux 5.4-rc8

It’s been a week of thrilling to see if the full version or rc8 will be available. But it wasn’t just a problem. It’s been a quiet week, even though it’s been a week since the bustling Intel vulnerability patch.

Next week is Thanksgiving. With that in mind, next week we hope to have an early pull request for 5.5 merge windows rather than a fix for 5.4.

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