LKML News v5.7-rc3

LSFMMBPF 2020 Cancellation announcement (Josef Bacik)

Due to the COVID-19, LSFMM, which was supposed to be help April, has delayed before, and now it has just canceled. What a shame, but this might be the right thing to do. This mail also announce the schedule of next year LSFMM. It will be held in Palm Springs, on May 12-14, 2021 at the Riviera Palm Springs.

[PATCH 2/2] mm: support vector address ranges for process_madvise (Minchan Kim)

This is a modification of process_madvise() interface for support of multiple address ranges. In Android, the applications usually has thousands of vmas due to the Zygote and thus need a number of process_madvise() calls to adjust their memory. The author has shown about 15% performance improvement by comparing 2000-vma syscall and 1-vector syscall.

Linux 5.7-rc3 (Linus Torvalds)

The third release candidate is released. Nothing weird, just normal, though this release is bigger than rc2 and bigger than other rc3 of 5.x releases.

As always, drivers and tooling are noticeable. In case of tooling, it must be due to the pm-graph update.

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