LKML News v5.9-rc6

[PATCH v14 0/5] KASAN-KUnit Integration (David Gow)

The 14th patchset for the KASAN and KUnit integration. From the v13, compile warnings in test_kasan_module fixed.

[PATCH v2 00/10] KFENCE: A low-overhead sampling-based memory safety error detector (Marco Elver)

The second version of the KFENCE posted.

[PATCH 1/2] fs: Add a filesystem flag for THPs (Matthew Wilcox)

This patchset caches whether the backing filesystem support THP or not in an address space flags, so that the page cache can determine if it can send THP to the backing filesystem or not.

[PATCH] mmap_lock: add tracepoints around lock acquisition (Axel Rasmussen)

This patchset adds tracepoints in the mmap_lock(), for debugging of the lock contentions.

Linux 5.9-rc6 (Linus Torvalds)

Last week was again normally calm enough for rc6. One thing that Torvalds mentions is the removal of fbcon and vgacon. Those were removed by Torvalds, mainly because the parts has raised a few of security bugs but not actively maintained now. Torvalds told he will resurrect it only after people complain and some maintainers come up.

Below is the diffstat of the releases in the last two years.

Kernel release stat

Note that the y-axis is in logarithm. I draw it using and using below command:

$ --since 2018-09-21 | ~/lazybox/gnuplot/ \
    --data_fmt table --type labeled-lines --xtics_rotate -90 \
    --font "Times New Roman, 5pt" --ylog --pointsize 0.3

And, below is the diffstat of the -rc6 releases in the last two years.

rc2 release stat

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