LKML News v6.6-rc1

[GIT PULL] MM updates for 6.6-rc1 (Andrew Morton)

Andrew sent the mm subsystem pull request for v6.6-rc1 to Linus Torvalds. And, it pulled.

[PATCH 1/2] mm/vmalloc: Add a safer version of find_vm_area() for debug (Joel Fernendes)

A patchset implementing safe trylock version of vmalloc dump function.

[PATCH v2 0/6] Introduce __mt_dup() to improve the performance of fork() (Peng Zhang)

When doing fork(), vma of the parent should be inserted into the maple tree of the child. It is done one by one, doing rebalancing of the maple tree multiple times. Since maple tree’s rebalancing is slower than red-black tree, this could show performance issue. This patch introduces a new maple tree function for handling this case.

[PATCH 0/2] zram: support for specific numa node for zram (Ze Zuo)

This patch makes zram to be able to use memory in a specific numa node.

[PATCH] mm/khugepaged: make reserved memory adaptivel (wolfgang huang)

This patchset makes THP reserved memory to be adaptable to reduce memory usage from it when THP is not much used.

[PATCH v6 0/7] Optimize mremap during mutual alignment within PMD (Joel Fernandes)

Joel posted hopefully final version of his mremap optimization patch. Only second and sixth patches of the patchset needs more tags.

[GIT PULL] remaining MM updates for 6.6-rc1 (Andrew Morton)

Andrew sent yet another small mm subsystem pull request to Linus.

[GIT PULL] hotfixes for 6.6-rc1 (Andrew Morton)

Andrew sent some mm hotfixes for 6.6-rc1.

[Invitation] Linux MM Alignment Session on Large Anon Folios on Wednesday (David Rientjes)

David has hosted yet another Linux MM alignment session for Large Anon Folios.

[PATCH] zswap: change zswap’s default allocator to zsmalloc (Nhat Pham)

Zswap supports three different allocators including zsmalloc. This patch argues zsmalloc is the superior in terms of utilization and makes zswap to use it by default.

This patch resolves the prolblem that TLB flushing functions are mostly end up as flush_tlb_all() when SMP is disabled.

[PATCH] mm: memcg: add THP swap out info for anonymous reclaim (Xin Hao)

This patch adds THP swap out per memcg counter.

Linux 6.6-rc1 (Linus Torvalds)

After the two weeks of the merge window, Linus Torvalds released the first release candidate for Linux v6.6. It contains 12k+ commits from 1.7k+ developers. All the stats are normal.

Below is the diffstat of the releases in the last two years.

Kernel release stat

Note that the y-axis is in logarithm. I draw it using and using below command:

$ --since 2021-09-11 | ~/lazybox/gnuplot/ \
    --data_fmt table --type labeled-lines --xtics_rotate -90 \
    --font "Times New Roman, 5pt" --ylog --pointsize 0.3

And, below is the diffstat of the -rc1 releases in the last two years.

rc1 release stat

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