I will have a talk at the Open Source Summit North America 2024

DAMON talk for OSSummit North America 2024 has been accepted and scheduled. The talk will present DAMOS auto-tuning and hopefully, more new DAMO features. The features are still under development, but hopefully, the power of presentation-driven development will make it. ;) Looking forward to meeting you there!

I will have a talk at the Open Source Summit Europe 2023

DAMON talk for OSSummit EU 2023 has accepted and scheduled. The talk will focus on its user-space tool, damo. It’s mainly for helping more audiences to digest the content easier, and also for accelerating the development of damo. By the time, hopefully the version of damo would reach to, or exceed 2.0.0, and newer interface and features will be introduced together. The title of the talk is “Data Access Monitoring Operator (DAMO): User-Space Tool/Python Library for Access-Aware Profiling and Optimization of Your Linux Systems”.

DAMON News List

Below is a list of news around DAMON project. This list is not exhaustive but just a DAMON maintainer’s collection of news. If you find a news that should be added to this list, please let us know at sj@kernel.org and/or damon@lists.linux.dev. 2024 2024-02-27: DAMON user-space tool, DAMO, has downloaded from PyPI more than 2,000 times last month. 2024-02-21: Yet another academic paper exploring DAMON for tiered memory management will be presented at EuroSys 2024

I will have a session for DAMON at the LSFMM 2023

I will present and discuss about the current status and future plans of DAMON in Linux Storage/File System/Memory Management/BPF (LSFMM+BPF) 2023. The title of the talks is “DAMON updates and future plans”. https://events.linuxfoundation.org/lsfmm/program/schedule-at-a-glance/

I will have a talk at the Open Source Summit North America 2023

I will present DAMON, DAMOS, and DAMO in Open Source Summit North America 2023. The title of the talk is “DAMON, DAMOS, and DAMO: Kernel Subsystems and User-Space Tools for Data Access-Aware System Analysis/Optimizations”. https://sched.co/1K5HS

DAMON-based System Optimization Guide

This document helps you estimating the amount of benefit that you could get from DAMON-based system optimizations, and describes how you could achieve it. Check The Signs No optimization can provide same extent of benefit to every case. Therefore you should first guess how much improvements you could get using DAMON. If some of below conditions match your situation, you could consider using DAMON. Low IPC and High Cache Miss Ratios.

DAMON Evaluation

DAMON is lightweight. It increases system memory usage by 0.39% and slows target workloads down by 1.16%. DAMON is accurate and useful for memory management optimizations. An experimental DAMON-based operation scheme for THP, namely ‘ethp’, removes 76.15% of THP memory overheads while preserving 51.25% of THP speedup. Another experimental DAMON-based ‘proactive reclamation’ implementation, namely ‘prcl’, reduces 93.38% of residential sets and 23.63% of system memory footprint while incurring only 1.22% runtime overhead in the best case (parsec3/freqmine).

Summary of DAMON Development in 2022

A summary of DAMON development in 2022 has posted: https://lore.kernel.org/damon/20221229171209.162356-1-sj@kernel.org/ 2022 was a year of active and healthy DAMON development. Seven new DAMON major features were delivered to users. Some of those were featured in articles and academic papers. It was possible thanks to the DAMON community. The community has expanded with its own mailing list and an open bi-weekly chat series. 40 people contributed their great code to DAMON via making their 275 commits merged into the mainline.

I will have a talk at the Linux Kernel Summit 2022

I will present current status and future plans for DAMON in KernelSummit'22. The title of the talk is “Current Status and Future Plans of DAMON”. https://lpc.events/event/16/contributions/1224/

I will have a talk at the Linux Kernel Summit 2021

I will present DAMON/DAMOS in KernelSummit'21. The title of the talk is “Writing a fine-grained access pattern-oriented lightweight kernel module using DAMON/DAMOS in 10 minutes”. https://linuxplumbersconf.org/event/11/contributions/984/