DAMON News List

Below is a list of news around DAMON project.

This list is not exhaustive but just a DAMON maintainer’s collection of news. If you find a news that should be added to this list, please let us know at sj@kernel.org and/or damon@lists.linux.dev.


2024-06-14: SK hynix’ patch series “DAMON based tiered memory management for CXL memory” has merged into -mm tree.

2024-06-12: DAMON talk for OpenSource Summit Europe 2024 has been accepted and scheduled.

2024-05-18: Memory management subsystem pull request for Linux 6.10-rc1 has been posted. This pull request includes DAMOS young page filter, a DAMOS functionality kselftest, and misc cleanups/fixups for code, documentation, and tests.

2024-05-17: LWN published an article introducing DAMON session at LSFMM 2024.

2024-05-02: LSFMMBPF schedule is uploaded. DAMON talk is scheduled for the Monday noon.

2024-04-29: The video of the DAMON presentation at OSSummit NA'24 is uploaded.

2024-04-28: Yet another academic paper exploring DAMON for serverless computing has published on ASPLOS 24.

2024-04-17: The third in-person DAMON meetup has held as a unconference session of Open Source Summint North America 2024

2024-04-03: Oracle released a tool that helps finding distros that enabled DAMON

2024-04-01: DAMO v2.2.8 is out. This version supports recording memory footprint of monitoring target processes together with their access pattern. Users could know when how much memory is allocated and really accessed. Such visualization is one of the future works, though.

2024-03-13: Memory management subsystem pull request for Linux 6.9-rc1 has been posted. To quote Andrew’s summary for DAMON part:

  • More DAMON work from SeongJae Park in the series
    • “mm/damon: make DAMON debugfs interface deprecation unignorable”
    • “selftests/damon: add more tests for core functionalities and corner cases”
    • “Docs/mm/damon: misc readability improvements”
    • “mm/damon: let DAMOS feeds and tame/auto-tune itself”

2024-03-06: LSF/MM/BPF 2024 DAMON discussion topic is accepted

2024-03-04: DAMO v2.2.4 is released with a new feature for access pattern-based profiling. For example, users can know which code is making their program’s memory usage unexpectedly high, or which code is intensively accessing memory, and optimize.

2024-02-27: DAMON user-space tool, DAMO, has downloaded from PyPI more than 2,000 times last month. damo_2000_monthly_downloads

2024-02-21: Yet another academic paper exploring DAMON for tiered memory management will be presented at EuroSys 2024

2023-02-20: DAMO v2.2.2 is released with a new command, replay. It will hopefully help reproducing the real-world memory access pattern for analysis and benchmarks.

2024-02-14: DAMON talk for OSSummit NA 2024 has been accepted and scheduled

2024-02-09: DAMON in Amazon Linux 5.10.y kernel has updated to that of v6.7 Linux kernel. Major updates on this change include

  • DAMOS apply target regions tracing and
  • Sampling interval granularity monitoring results generation and DAMOS.

2024-01-29: LSF/MM/BPF 2024 topic proposal for DAMON has posted

2024-01-15: SK Hynix shared their DAMOS-based tiered memory management test results showing 4-17% performance slowdown reduction, with patches for that.

2024-01-12: LWN introduced the feedback-driven DAMOS aggressiveness auto-tuning as one of interesting changes for Linux v6.8

2024-01-08: Memory management subsystem pull request for Linux v6.8-rc1 has posted. To quote Andrew’s summary for DAMON part:

  • DAMON/DAMOS feature and maintenance work from SeongJae Park in the series
    • “mm/damon: let users feed and tame/auto-tune DAMOS”
    • “selftests/damon: add Python-written DAMON functionality tests”
    • “mm/damon: misc updates for 6.8”


2023-12-31: A retrospect of DAMON development in 2023 for the upstream community has posted.

2023-12-27: SK Hynix released Heterogeneous Memory Software Development Kit (HMSDK) v2.0 which utilizes DAMON for tiered memory management.

2023-11-24: A paper exploring DAMON and finding grateful areas to improve has uploaded to arXiv.

2023-11-17: Livestreamed video for DAMON talk at kernel summit 2023 is now available at YouTube.

2023-11-12: RFC idea for DAMOS-based tiered memory management is sent.

2023-11-12: RFC idea for Access/Contiguity-aware Memory Auto-scaling is sent.

2023-11-12: RFC patchset for Aim-oriented Feedback-driven DAMOS Aggressiveness Auto Tuning is sent.

2023-11-08: The second in-person DAMON community meetup at LPC has accepted and announced.

2023-11-02: Memory management subsystem pull requests for Linux v6.7-rc1, which contains the changes for DAMON, has sent.

2023-10-22: An SOSP paper for tiered memory management that referencing and exploring DAMON has found.

2023-10-12: LPC BoF session proposal for DAMON community in-person meetup has submitted.

2023-10-04: DAMON talk for Kernel Summit track of Linux Plumbers Conference 2023 has accepted.

2023-09-07: Yet another academic paper preprint regarding serverless on CXL using/citing DAMON has uploaded. The title of the preprint is “Understanding and Optimizing Serverless Workloads in CXL-Enabled Tiered Memory”

2023-08-09: DAMON community started running its CI test against all stable kernels and report the results.

2023-08-08: DAMON user-space tool (damo) has reached 100 Github stars. damo 100 github stars

2023-08-07: DAMON user-space tool (damo) has released its 100th version. A mail for the news, release stats, and appreciation to the DAMON community has also posted.

2023-08-03: DAMON continuous functionality testing started testing stable rc kernels and report back the results.

2023-08-01: DAMON Beer/Coffee/Tea meeting will be postponed from mid of August to end of OSSummit Euro 2023.

2023-07-26: The kernel summit talk proposal for DAMON status and future plans has posted

2023-07-10: Hocus wrote an article introducing DAMON as a kernel feature that could be useful for memory efficient VM, with its limitations.

2023-06-30: DAMON talk for OSSummit EU 2023 has accepted and scheduled

2023-06-25: DAMON userspace tool, damo has packaged for Debian/Ubuntu in addition to Fedora. It also turned out it was already packaged for ArchLinux. Refer to repology for detail.

2023-05-26: Open Source Summit North America DAMON talk video is now available at Youtube

2023-05-26: LSF/MM+BPF DAMON discussion video is now available at Youtube

2023-05-17: Now DAMON user space tool (DAMO) is available at Fedora Packages

2023-05-16: Michel from Fedora community is gonna package DAMON user space tool (DAMO) for Fedora!

2023-05-16: An LWN article for LSF/MM+BPF DAMON discussion has uploaded

2023-05-04: The schedule for DAMON talk/discussion at LSFMM is available now.

2023-03-14: The schedule for DAMON talk at OSSummit NA is available now.

2023-03-10: A DAMON talk proposal for OSSummit NA has accepted.

2023-03-06: DAMOS filters feature has introduced as one of the most significant changes for Linux v6.3 by an LWN article

2023-02-24: A preprint of an academic paper that compares their approach against DAMON has uploaded to ArXiv.

2023-02-13: LSF/MM/BPF topic proposal for DAMON has posted

2023-02-09: DAMON debugfs deprecation patchset has posted


2022-12-29: DAMON development summary of 2022 has shared and featured by Phoronix.

2022-12-16: The DAMOS filtering for anon pages and/or memory cgroups have merged in mm tree.

2022-10-19: An RFC patchset for efficient query-like DAMON monitoring results have posted

2022-09-15: The video for my kernel summit DAMON talk this year is now available at Youtube

2022-09-09: The plan for the first in-person DAMON community meetup at LPC and the in-person office hour at OSSummit EU has announced

2022-09-06: AL2 5.10 kernel’s DAMON code has updated to that of v5.19

2022-08-30: AL2 5.10 kernel’s DAMON code has updated to that of v5.18

2022-08-22: LWN introduced DAMON-based LRU-lists manipulation (DAMON_LRU_SORT) in detail

2022-08-15: LWN introduced DAMON’s new features including ‘LRU_SORT’ as significant changes for Linux 6.0

2022-08-12: Bi-weekly DAMON Beer/Coffee/Tea Chat series for open, regular, and informal community syncups and discussions has announced.

2022-07-29: Current status, future plans, and possible collaborations for DAMON will be presented at the Kernel Summit 2022.

2022-06-26: The poster of the DAOS paper is available online.

2022-06-13: DAMON-based LRU-lists sorting patchset has posted and immediately merged in the -mm tree

2022-05-04: A paper introducing DAMON and related works have accepted by HPDC22

2022-05-03: Now DAMON has its own open mailing list

2022-04-29: Patches for DAMON online tuning have merged in -mm tree

2022-04-27: Android has backported and enabled building DAMON and DAMON_RECLAIM for the common kernel.

2022-04-27: Alibaba has shared thier own DAMON user space tool.

2022-02-28: The DAMON sysfs interface patchset has merged in -mm tree.

2022-02-17: An RFC patchset for sysfs-based DAMON’s new user interface has posted.

2022-01-20: A roadmap of DAMON has shared.

2022-01-09: Linux 5.16 is released. “DAMON-based proactive memory reclamation, operation schemes and physical memory monitoring” are marked as prominent features of the release by the Kernel newbies and LWN.


2021-12-23: A great blog post for DAMON-enabled kernel has uploaded

2021-11-07: DAMON patches for automated memory management optimization, the physical address space monitoring support, and proactive reclamation have merged in the mainline.

2021-11-01: DAMON has released with Linux v5.15.

2021-10-14: DAMON_RECLAIM patchset is merged in the Amazon Linux 5.10.y kernel tree.

2021-10-02: DAMOS patchset is merged in the -mm tree.

2021-09-23: DAMON and DAMOS are presented in the kernel summit. Slides, Video, Link

2021-09-16: DAMON development tree on kernel.org is created.

2021-09-08: DAMON patchset is merged in the Linus Torvalds’ tree, aka mainline

2021-09-07: DAMON/DAMOS will be presented at the Kernel Summit 2021

2021-08-31: DAMON user-space tool is uploaded to the official Python packages system, PyPi

2021-08-06: DAMON patchset is merged in the -mm tree

2021-07-27: LWN published a second article introducing DAMON patchset series

2021-06-11: DAMON-based proactive reclamation RFC patchset has shared on the hackernews and introduced by a Phoronix article

2021-05-31: DAMON-based proactive reclamation RFC patchset has posted

2021-05-26: DAMON-enabled Amazon Linux 2 kernels have deployed to all users

2021-05-07: DAMON has merged in the public source tree for Amazon Linux v5.4.y kernel

2021-04-05: damo now supports heatmap visualization on the terminal

2021-03-31: DAMON user-space tool (damo) is released as an individual open source project

2021-03-19: DAMON has merged in the public source tree for Amazon Linux v5.10.y kernel

2021-03-04: DAMON supports for two latest LTS kernels announced

2021-03-03: DAMON is merged in v5.10 based public Amazon Linux kernel tree

2021-02-25: An example usage of DAMON for profiling is shared

2021-01-07: A runtime system for DAMON-based optimal operation scheme finding is released


2020-12-03: Further plans around DAMON is shared

2020-11-17: A real-world user story of DAMON is shared

2020-09-26: The tests package for DAMON is released under GPL v2 license

2020-08-19: A demo video is available

2020-08-05: DAMON will be presented at the Kernel Summit 2020

2020-06-04: Physical Memory Monitoring is now available

2020-05-18: DAMON showcase website is announced

2020-05-13: DAMON official document is uploaded online

2020-02-20: DAMON has introduced by an LWN article

2020-02-10: The first RFC of Data Access Monitoring-based Operating Schemes (DAMOS) has posted to LKML

2020-01-23: The RFC of DAMON has introduced by LWN’s ‘Kernel patches of interest’

2020-01-20: The first RFC patchset of DAMON has posted to LKML

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