DAMON News List

Below is a list of news around DAMON project.

This list is not exhaustive but just a DAMON maintainer’s collection of news. If you find a news that should be added to this list, please let us know at sj@kernel.org and/or damon@lists.linux.dev.


2024-02-27: DAMON user-space tool, DAMO, has downloaded from PyPI more than 2,000 times last month. damo_2000_monthly_downloads

2024-02-21: Yet another academic paper exploring DAMON for tiered memory management will be presented at EuroSys 2024

2023-02-20: DAMO v2.2.2 is released with a new command, replay. It will hopefully help reproducing the real-world memory access pattern for analysis and benchmarks.

2024-02-14: DAMON talk for OSSummit NA 2024 has been accepted and scheduled

2024-02-09: DAMON in Amazon Linux 5.10.y kernel has updated to that of v6.7 Linux kernel. Major updates on this change include

  • DAMOS apply target regions tracing and
  • Sampling interval granularity monitoring results generation and DAMOS.

2024-01-29: LSF/MM/BPF 2024 topic proposal for DAMON has posted

2024-01-15: SK Hynix shared their DAMOS-based tiered memory management test results showing 4-17% performance slowdown reduction, with patches for that.

2024-01-12: LWN introduced the feedback-driven DAMOS aggressiveness auto-tuning as one of interesting changes for Linux v6.8

2024-01-08: Memory management subsystem pull request[1] for Linux v6.8-rc1 has posted. To quote Andrew’s summary for DAMON part:

  • DAMON/DAMOS feature and maintenance work from SeongJae Park in the series
    • “mm/damon: let users feed and tame/auto-tune DAMOS”
    • “selftests/damon: add Python-written DAMON functionality tests”
    • “mm/damon: misc updates for 6.8”


2023-12-31: A retrospect of DAMON development in 2023 for the upstream community has posted.

2023-12-27: SK Hynix released Heterogeneous Memory Software Development Kit (HMSDK) v2.0 which utilizes DAMON for tiered memory management.

2023-11-24: A paper exploring DAMON and finding grateful areas to improve has uploaded to arXiv.

2023-11-17: Livestreamed video for DAMON talk at kernel summit 2023 is now available at YouTube.

2023-11-12: RFC idea for DAMOS-based tiered memory management is sent.

2023-11-12: RFC idea for Access/Contiguity-aware Memory Auto-scaling is sent.

2023-11-12: RFC patchset for Aim-oriented Feedback-driven DAMOS Aggressiveness Auto Tuning is sent.

2023-11-08: The second in-person DAMON community meetup at LPC has accepted and announced.

2023-11-02: Memory management subsystem pull requests for Linux v6.7-rc1, which contains the changes for DAMON, has sent.

2023-10-22: An SOSP paper for tiered memory management that referencing and exploring DAMON has found.

2023-10-12: LPC BoF session proposal for DAMON community in-person meetup has submitted.

2023-10-04: DAMON talk for Kernel Summit track of Linux Plumbers Conference 2023 has accepted.

2023-09-07: Yet another academic paper preprint regarding serverless on CXL using/citing DAMON has uploaded. The title of the preprint is “Understanding and Optimizing Serverless Workloads in CXL-Enabled Tiered Memory”

2023-08-09: DAMON community started running its CI test against all stable kernels and report the results.

2023-08-08: DAMON user-space tool (damo) has reached 100 Github stars. damo 100 github stars

2023-08-07: DAMON user-space tool (damo) has released its 100th version. A mail for the news, release stats, and appreciation to the DAMON community has also posted.

2023-08-03: DAMON continuous functionality testing started testing stable rc kernels and report back the results.

2023-08-01: DAMON Beer/Coffee/Tea meeting will be postponed from mid of August to end of OSSummit Euro 2023.

2023-07-26: The kernel summit talk proposal for DAMON status and future plans has posted

2023-07-10: Hocus wrote an article introducing DAMON as a kernel feature that could be useful for memory efficient VM, with its limitations.

2023-06-30: DAMON talk for OSSummit EU 2023 has accepted and scheduled

2023-06-25: DAMON userspace tool, damo has packaged for Debian/Ubuntu in addition to Fedora. It also turned out it was already packaged for ArchLinux. Refer to repology for detail.

2023-05-26: Open Source Summit North America DAMON talk video is now available at Youtube

2023-05-26: LSF/MM+BPF DAMON discussion video is now available at Youtube

2023-05-17: Now DAMON user space tool (DAMO) is available at Fedora Packages

2023-05-16: Michel from Fedora community is gonna package DAMON user space tool (DAMO) for Fedora!

2023-05-16: An LWN article for LSF/MM+BPF DAMON discussion has uploaded

2023-05-04: The schedule for DAMON talk/discussion at LSFMM is available now.

2023-03-14: The schedule for DAMON talk at OSSummit NA is available now.

2023-03-10: A DAMON talk proposal for OSSummit NA has accepted.

2023-03-06: DAMOS filters feature has introduced as one of the most significant changes for Linux v6.3 by an LWN article

2023-02-24: A preprint of an academic paper that compares their approach against DAMON has uploaded to ArXiv.

2023-02-13: LSF/MM/BPF topic proposal for DAMON has posted

2023-02-09: DAMON debugfs deprecation patchset has posted


2022-12-29: DAMON development summary of 2022 has shared and featured by Phoronix.

2022-12-16: The DAMOS filtering for anon pages and/or memory cgroups have merged in mm tree.

2022-10-19: An RFC patchset for efficient query-like DAMON monitoring results have posted

2022-09-15: The video for my kernel summit DAMON talk this year is now available at Youtube

2022-09-09: The plan for the first in-person DAMON community meetup at LPC and the in-person office hour at OSSummit EU has announced

2022-09-06: AL2 5.10 kernel’s DAMON code has updated to that of v5.19

2022-08-30: AL2 5.10 kernel’s DAMON code has updated to that of v5.18

2022-08-22: LWN introduced DAMON-based LRU-lists manipulation (DAMON_LRU_SORT) in detail

2022-08-15: LWN introduced DAMON’s new features including ‘LRU_SORT’ as significant changes for Linux 6.0

2022-08-12: Bi-weekly DAMON Beer/Coffee/Tea Chat series for open, regular, and informal community syncups and discussions has announced.

2022-07-29: Current status, future plans, and possible collaborations for DAMON will be presented at the Kernel Summit 2022.

2022-06-26: The poster of the DAOS paper is available online.

2022-06-13: DAMON-based LRU-lists sorting patchset has posted and immediately merged in the -mm tree

2022-05-04: A paper introducing DAMON and related works have accepted by HPDC22

2022-05-03: Now DAMON has its own open mailing list

2022-04-29: Patches for DAMON online tuning have merged in -mm tree

2022-04-27: Android has backported and enabled building DAMON and DAMON_RECLAIM for the common kernel.

2022-04-27: Alibaba has shared thier own DAMON user space tool.

2022-02-28: The DAMON sysfs interface patchset has merged in -mm tree.

2022-02-17: An RFC patchset for sysfs-based DAMON’s new user interface has posted.

2022-01-20: A roadmap of DAMON has shared.

2022-01-09: Linux 5.16 is released. “DAMON-based proactive memory reclamation, operation schemes and physical memory monitoring” are marked as prominent features of the release by the Kernel newbies and LWN.


2021-12-23: A great blog post for DAMON-enabled kernel has uploaded

2021-11-07: DAMON patches for automated memory management optimization, the physical address space monitoring support, and proactive reclamation have merged in the mainline.

2021-11-01: DAMON has released with Linux v5.15.

2021-10-14: DAMON_RECLAIM patchset is merged in the Amazon Linux 5.10.y kernel tree.

2021-10-02: DAMOS patchset is merged in the -mm tree.

2021-09-23: DAMON and DAMOS are presented in the kernel summit. Slides, Video, Link

2021-09-16: DAMON development tree on kernel.org is created.

2021-09-08: DAMON patchset is merged in the Linus Torvalds’ tree, aka mainline

2021-09-07: DAMON/DAMOS will be presented at the Kernel Summit 2021

2021-08-31: DAMON user-space tool is uploaded to the official Python packages system, PyPi

2021-08-06: DAMON patchset is merged in the -mm tree

2021-07-27: LWN published a second article introducing DAMON patchset series

2021-06-11: DAMON-based proactive reclamation RFC patchset has shared on the hackernews and introduced by a Phoronix article

2021-05-31: DAMON-based proactive reclamation RFC patchset has posted

2021-05-26: DAMON-enabled Amazon Linux 2 kernels have deployed to all users

2021-05-07: DAMON has merged in the public source tree for Amazon Linux v5.4.y kernel

2021-04-05: damo now supports heatmap visualization on the terminal

2021-03-31: DAMON user-space tool (damo) is released as an individual open source project

2021-03-19: DAMON has merged in the public source tree for Amazon Linux v5.10.y kernel

2021-03-04: DAMON supports for two latest LTS kernels announced

2021-03-03: DAMON is merged in v5.10 based public Amazon Linux kernel tree

2021-02-25: An example usage of DAMON for profiling is shared

2021-01-07: A runtime system for DAMON-based optimal operation scheme finding is released


2020-12-03: Further plans around DAMON is shared

2020-11-17: A real-world user story of DAMON is shared

2020-09-26: The tests package for DAMON is released under GPL v2 license

2020-08-19: A demo video is available

2020-08-05: DAMON will be presented at the Kernel Summit 2020

2020-06-04: Physical Memory Monitoring is now available

2020-05-18: DAMON showcase website is announced

2020-05-13: DAMON official document is uploaded online

2020-02-20: DAMON has introduced by an LWN article

2020-02-10: The first RFC of Data Access Monitoring-based Operating Schemes (DAMOS) has posted to LKML

2020-01-23: The RFC of DAMON has introduced by LWN’s ‘Kernel patches of interest’

2020-01-20: The first RFC patchset of DAMON has posted to LKML

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