LKML News v5.4

[PATCH RFC v3 00/36] Add KernelMemorySanitizer infrastructure

Google’s third KMSAN RFC patchset that detects errors caused by accessing uninitialized memory areas. Like other SAN series, it has been used in Google syzkaller and found over 200 bugs in the last two years.

LSF/MM/BPF: 2020: Call for Proposals

LSF/MM’s CFP for the next year was released. From next year, BPF sessions will be added to LSF/MM, so the name has changed to LSF/MM/BPF. I can feel the phase of BPF again!

Linux 5.4

At the end of the eight rc releases, the 5.4 official version is finally released. Fortunately, the past week was really calm. Most of the pull requests for 5.5 came early for Thanksgiving, and some updates to networking and GPUs.

In this way 5.5 merge window is open, but I’m a little worried that there’s Thanksgiving in the merge window, but Torvalds believes it won’t be a big deal, and it might be a little slow to take care of the children.

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