LKML News v5.7-rc4

[PATCH 0/7] Record the mm_struct in the page table pages (Matthew Wilcox)

Literally, this patchset adds the mm_struct pointer to struct page if it is used for page tables. This will be useful for several cases usch as uncorrectable errors handling and task-page table relation checking, etc.

[PATCH v4] mm: Proactive compaction (Nitin Gupta)

This patchset makes the compaction to be more proactively done for better THP allocation success and makes user to be able to control the proactiveness using a sysfs file, /sys/kernel/mm/compaction/proactiveness.

The main changes from the v3 of this patchset is add of documentations.

[PATCH v3 00/25] Large pages in the page cache (Matthew Wilcox)

This patchset is for use of huge pages in the page cache. This will reduce many of overheads. However, this patchset doesn’t pass the xfs test.

Linux 5.7-rc4 (Linus Torvalds)

The release candidate release of this week is a bit smaller than usual. It’s smallest rc4 since the tiny one we had over the Christmas week. Torvalds think this is due to a timing issue and because there was no pull request from network. That said, he also says things are calm.

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