My opensource commits statistics in 2022

As today is the last day of 2022, I checked some open source commits statistics using my simple and buggy script[1], and github.

Linux kernel statistics

I ran my buggy script[1] to show some 2022 statistics for memory management subsystem and whole tree of Linux kernel as below.

script outputs

Memory Management

In 2022, 305 people participated in Linux kernel memory management subsystem development by making 81,631 lines of changes with 2,135 commits.

I made 2nd and 3rd biggest changes among the 305 people, for lines of changes (10,537) and commits (106).

Linux kernel Whole Tree

In 2022, 5,286 people participated in Linux kernel development by making 6,841,739 lines of changes with 77,636 commits.

I made 85th and 89th biggest changes among the 5,286 people, for lines of changes (11,907) and commits (155).


On github, I made 2,316 commits in 2022. It’s counting only the commits that I made with my github main account’s email address, so it doesn’t cover some of my commits for some projects including Linux kernel. I made commits everyday except three days in 2022.

github contributions in 3d github contributions in 2d

Apparently 2022 was a busy year for me and the world. Hope I and the community to continue happy hacking in 2023.


After sharing this to Linkedin and Twitter, I got more than 190 Linkedin reactions, 50 Linkedin connection requests, 45 Twitter heart, and 30 Twitter followers within a day. So impressive. Thank you for motivating me!

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