Summary of DAMON Development in 2022

A summary of DAMON development in 2022 has posted:

2022 was a year of active and healthy DAMON development.

Seven new DAMON major features were delivered to users. Some of those were featured in articles and academic papers.

It was possible thanks to the DAMON community. The community has expanded with its own mailing list and an open bi-weekly chat series. 40 people contributed their great code to DAMON via making their 275 commits merged into the mainline. About 33% of the commits were made by Amazon-external contributors.

The amount of DAMON changes in 2022 (v5.15..v6.2-rc1) was not that tiny compared to other subsystems. About 0.2% of the commits for whole Linux tree was for DAMON. Among the changes for DAMON’s parent subsystem, mm, about 8% of commits and 14% of lines of changes were made for DAMON.

SeongJae Park
Kernel Development Engineer

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