LKML News v5.7-rc6

[PATCH v4 00/36] Large pages in the page cache (Matthew Wilcox)

This is the fourth version of the patchset for the huge pages in the page cache. Still it fails xfstests.

Maintainers / Kernel Summit 2020 planning kick-off (Theodore Y. Ts’o)

Ted annouced that the Maintainers / Kernel Summit will be held in virtual this year, of course due to the COVID19. With this announcement, the CFP for the kernel summit is also opened.

Linux 5.7-rc6 (Linus Torvalds)

It’s rc6, which is supposed to be calming down. But, rc6 was bigger than usual. As rc5 was also bigger than usual, this probably not a good sign for 5.7 release. But, no detailed change seems obviously wrong.

Torvalds just hope hings calm down.

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